A small, pale, ghostly white tom with strange white eyes with faded, black pupils pads up to you. "Hello there. I am Eggfur. I run the Egg Shelter. This is very strange indeed, but some LittleKits, the most rare of all, come from eggs. I care for these Eggs until they hatch, but, you can adopt some, and wait for a message that says 'Your Egg is hatched!' and then you get an unusual LittleKit. Sometimes, you even get some Money from Eggs, too. If you are lucky enough, you could take the Random Egg home and it may hatch into the exclusive Lucky Lottery Kit!"

Monitored and Owned by 4pinkbear. She is aware that some of you consider this strange. That's okay. Just don't pester and tease her about it. Yes, she uses Pokemon egg pictures for the eggs.

Please do NOT pester me about the eggs or I will ban you for a year or forever!

Staff of The Egg PlaceEdit

  • 4pinkbear - owner, restocks eggs and makes them.
  • Dove - restocks eggs and makes them.

The Egg ChartEdit

This is the egg chart for how the coloration should be, if you want to color it and post it on my talkpage for an egg suggestion. If I like your egg, you will recieve your egg for free!

Egg Chart

Brief InformationEdit

We sell Kits based on your favorite things! From Video Games, to Books, and to your favorite Warrior Cats!

Eggs for SaleEdit

ZeldaKit - 2000 LP

Pic Coming Soon!

Are you a fan of Legend of Zelda? Then this is the Kit for you!

PikaKit - 1505 LP PikaKit

Do you absolutely LOVE Pokemon? Then you HAVE to have this egg!

LuigiKit - 2500 LP


Love Mario Bros. as much as me and Dove? GRAB THIS EGG NOW! :D

WizardKit - 4000 LP


I know, its a little pricey, but its HARRY POTTER!