Gatherings normally take place on the full moon, but can be on other dates for special reasons.

You enter a large cave with a large hole in the top of it. A large, ledge-like stone stands below the hole so that moonlight and starlight fall upon it, giving the cave beautiful flecks and patches of light. A lightly-built, fluffy, pretty, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with scattered white, star-shaped flecks, blue-gray paws, and frosty-blue eyes pads up to you. "Greetings. I am Stardapple, and this is where the Gatherings of the kits take place. I also house lost or abandoned kits here until the next Gathering, which is when someone takes them for a certain price."


Kits AvailableEdit

You may add in kits of your own, also.

  • taken

) must be adopted together

& disabled


& Shardkit - Slender, small, pretty, fluffy blue-gray she-cat with darker, lighter, black, and white patches, a long, sweeping, plumy tail, and big, blind, shocking, ice-blue eyes. 90 LP

Tom Kits:Edit

Wispkit - Big, muscular, lightly-built, handsome, wispy-furred pale mottled gray tom with darker paws, chest, and muzzle, paler underbelly, tail tip, and ears, and pale amber-green eyes. 90 LP