A dark, shadowy cat with a strange, glowing black aura around him pads up to you. "Hello. I am Nightshadows. I used to travel across the land in search of rare and valuable items. I was successful." He looks at you with his black eyes that show no emotions. "You wonder about my eyes and my glow, right? I have in my possession tons of rare Shadow Claws. They make you look similar to me. Don't fret! It won't change you're personality one bit! Its just your eyes, really! So, what would you like to buy?"

This is run by 4pinkbear

Items for Sale Edit

Den DecorationsEdit

Gem Statue - this statue is made entirely out of gems, except the only rubies on it are its eyes. It has unlimited uses, and makes unlimited cats per day! 500000 LP

Disco Balls - stolen from the great Twolegs! 600 LP

Cat Power-UpsEdit

Invisible Cloak - when wearing the cloak, a cat disappears in thin air. 6000 LP

Transparancy Potion - drink it to become slightly transparent! This will pass on to kits! Its effects are permanent. 890 LP

Shadow Claws - black, shadowy claws that give off a black aura. Do you dare touch it? 1000 LP. Removing it costs 750 LP.

Scar Potion - comes with a brush! Just gently use brush and paint over the area, and... Magic: You have scars on your pelt! Not removable. 500 LP

Lava-Proof Fur - need fire proof or lava proof fur? You choose the right liquid! Poor it all over your fur and it will work! Passes onto kits!


Ice Cave - nice and roomy, however, the wall has cracks, making it prone to snow, sleet, and hail. You need to clog it up! 20000 LP

Volcano Shelter - black-walled cave in a volcano. However, lava rarely gets in, and if it does, your cats will need to have lava-proof fur, or they will burn to ash! The lava is very fun to swim in, too! 40000 LP