Welcome to LittleKit! Where you can train, raise and love your Littlekit!Edit

1: No cheating, play fair.

2: Nothing Inappropriate/Gory Ex. Kits can't die.

3: No Spamming to get your StarPoints.

4: Make dens descriptive and refresh them often.

5: Have fun!

Disclaimer: I do not own warriors or any of it's characters.

What is LittleKit? LittleKit is a kit that you can raise until it is a leader! Play with your kit in your den! (AKA a subpage on your userpage) You want the most stars for your kit to be the best LittleKit! To do so you must obtain StarPoints (SP). StarPoints, when reached 100 gives your LittleKit a star. You can obtain these by posting, which will get you five each time. (Please refrain from spamming.) And ten every time you are active for a day. This is a chart saying what star equals what:


1-2 Stars


3-4 Stars Warrior

5-6 Stars Deputy

7-8 Stars Leader

9 and above Stars

The other currency is called LittPoints (LP). LittPoints gives you money to adopt another kit, buy another kit, get decorations for your den, bedding, toys and feathers. You have a total of 500LP when you first join. You can obtain these everyday according to the number of stars your kits have. If you have three five star, you get 150LP. If you have one one star-you get ten. Every star is worth ten. There are two ways to get another kit. The LitKit Shop sells kits for a nice and low price. The LitKit Adoption Center has other LittleKit that were inactive for two weeks, or abandoned. It is more costly, yet you can buy LittleWarriors and LittleDeputies there as well. (LittleKits that reached higher star levels, see above) KitStore (not to be confused with the LitKit Shop) sells bedding, toys, feathers, and decorations for your den that I make right after you join. Your job is to either have the best den or the best starred-kit! The ranking is as this: Have the most stars on your kit, you are number one. The one with the most points at decorating their room gets number one.

A LittleKit can breed when it has become a warrior. See Breeding Center for more details on prices.