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Health Squad

Shinystar, Loveleaf









You must contact 4pinkbear to join.

Kitten Rescue Team, or KRT, was founded to rescue young, lone kits lost in the wilderness and keeping them out of harm's way. Our leader, 4pinkbear, along with one of the Health Squad members, locates lost kits and assembles Troops, Defense, and Offense to go rescue a kit. If the mission succeeds, Scientists will either keep the kit in a kit cell for certain purposes or 4pinkbear will give the poor thing a home. Cats use special transport vehicles, created by the scientists, called TransKRT. They can hold kits in kit cells.

Cats CANNOT die. The only way to become leader is recieve a message from the leader saying that they will give up their title.

Fully Trained Cats

Shadowstar - long, fluffy black tom with large, round bright calm amber eyes. Leader. Issued to 4pinkbear. Apprentice, Magicpaw

Sparklefeather - golden she-cat with pink spikes sticking out of her fur and wise pale violet eyes. Health Squad member. Issued to Shinystar.

Palepuddle - young pale gray, almost white, she-cat with a pale blue paw and wise, dark blue eyes like puddles of darkness. Issued to Loveleaf

Patternpatch - purple she-cat with green chemical stains and dark, clever green eyes. Troop member. Issued to Dove.

Petalblaze - pale gray she-cat with darker paws and a black muzzle. Offense member. Issued to 4pinkbear

Sphinxpelt - small furred she-cat with fuzz basically for fur, pinkish-peach-cream colored with a white paw, and one green and one blue eye. Scientist. Issued to Dove.

Cats in Training

Magicpaw - clumsy pale purple tom with pale blue patches. Training to be a Troop. Always screws up things. Isasued to 4pinkbear

Team Definitions:

Leader - the cat in charge of everyone and everything.

Deputy - the 2nd in command of the team

Health Squad - this team heals wounded kits, or kits in shock

Troop - a cat that helps rescue the kits. They usually are the ones who actually take the kit back to the base.

Defense - a cat that helps defend the troops

Offense - a cat that attacks anything trying to hurt the troops or the kit.

Lab Definitions:

Kit Cell - a small, kit-sized container in which a kit is put into. It makes the kit fall into a deep sleep, and the container is put into a device called a Kit Vortex that takes DNA samples and combines them with other kits' to create more kits.

Current Lost Kits Triplets - 2 toms & a she-kit. Unamed, stuck on the cliff-face near an ocean and were attacked by sea gulls.

Kits in Kit Cells:

Cell Sector 1:

Jadekit - dark green she-cat with amber eyes and darker paws. Not currently issued.

Hohohokit - red and white kit with black paws and gentle blue eyes. Issued to Loveleaf

Cell Sector 2:

Eaglekit - white tom with brown legs and yellow paws. He was grabbed by an eagle, along with his sister, and was accidently dropped onto a small mountain peak. Issued to 4pinkbear

Fadekit - pale gray she-cat with white legs and a pale yellow tail-tip. Issued to Dove

Kit Vortex Kits (kits who were a result of DNA experiments):

Mistletoekit - dark green and red she-cat. Going to 4pinkbear.

KRT RoleplayEdit

Shadowstar narrowed his eyes at the eagle that had grabbed two small kits. Currently, the two kits were stuck on a ledge He struggled to climb the rock, and he was going too slow. "Patternpatch! Fall in!" Christmasheart 21:01, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

Patternpatch managed to scrabble up the rock to the kits. She grabs the kits, passing the tom to Shadowstar. "I got 'em," she said through the she-kits pale gray fur. "I would like to name the she-kit Fadekit. I think it suits her well." ☯Silver Bells☮ 23:13, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

Shadowstar purred and licked Petalblaze's soft cheek. "Our kits will make fine members." she murmured, curling her tail around her swollen belly. Dawn Before Dusk 20:17, June 6, 2011 (UTC)