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So great to lie on! Cost: 5 LP

Lasts two active days.

Sheep Wool

So fluffy! Cost: 10 LP

Lasts five active days.



Such a great feather! Cost: 4 LP

Moss Ball

So much fun to roll around! Cost: 6 LP

Loose Grass

Throw it at a friend, set an ambush, all is fun with the Loose Grass! Cost: 4 LP


Small Shell

A small seashell! Cost: 4 LP Points For Room: 5

Medium Shell

A medium one Cost: 6 LP Points For Room: 8

Large Shell

A large one is twice the fun! Cost: 8 LP Points For Room: 10

Big Blue Feather

Kits don't play with this, but it looks great in your den! Cost: 10 LP Points For Room: 10

Peacock Feather

So majestic! The kits wouldn't dare take away it's beauty! Cost: 20 LP Points For Room: 17