These are one of the few catteries where LittleKits are born (not including the Kit Shop)! This is where kittens can be adopted and/or reserved! It's the only place where holiday kits are born!

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You can use your LitKit points to get new LitKits! Half the money goes to 4pinkbear and half to Loveleaf!

Owned by 4pinkbear. The co-owners, 2nd in command, are Dove and Loveleaf.


[hide]*1 Christmas


I am Christmasheart! I am a mother to Christmas-based kits. Yes, I am green and red! I am the Christmas Cat! Now, would you like to reserve a type of kit?



Christmas Moss - red, white, and green dyed moss. 20 LP

Plush Kitten - a toy kitten that little kits love to play with! 50 LP

Wind-Up Mouse - a small gray toy mouse. 40 LP


Soft Christmas Bed - a little, soft white bed with a red outline. Unlimited uses. 300 LP


Reindeer Kits - light brown kit with a deer-like like, white underbelly and chest , short, stubby antlers, black paws, and shiny black noses. Red noses are availible. 400 LP

Angel Kits - white kits with gold stars dotting their pelts. 350 LP

Holiday Color Kits (also called the Christmasheart kit) - dark red and green kits. Perferrably Female, though 2 males are availible. 250 LP

Santa Kits - red kits with white foreheads and black paws. Only male is availible. 250 LP


  • means reserved

)means must be adopted together


)Snowkit - white she-kit with green eyes with flecks of red. 3 moons. 100 LP

)Frostedkit - pale gray, almost white, she-kit with light gray patches like ice and green eyes with flecks of red. 3 moons 100 LP

  • Leafbarekit - white she-cat with yellow eyes DOVESONG

Shadekit - dark gray she-cat with lighter patches and minty-green eyes Bellkit - Slender silver, gold, and white she-cat with a golden-brown, bell-shaped flash on her forehead, black paws, and pretty aqua eyes. 110 LP


  • Lightningkit - pale yellow tom DOVESONG

Pinekit - Big, muscular dark green tom with long, dark brown legs, a dark brown chest, underbelly, muzzle, and tail, and big, dark green eyes. 110 LP